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Once they are molten, you can mold them into any shape you desire. Upon cooling, they will be strong and permanent. If you change your mind, you can reheat and modify until you get it right. Since this plastic is so strong, you can drill it, sand it, varnish it or superglue it to something else.

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STRONG & REUSABLE – Our sheets can be re-melted again and again so you can build, reshape and add to your work as often as needed. Paint it, drill it, cut it or ...
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Once the thermoplastic pellets are clear and you remove them from the hot water, you have several minutes to shape the plastic before it becomes stiff. You can dip it back into the hot water to shape it more or you can heat it with a heat gun or hair dryer to soften it in certain areas.
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Super strong moldable plastic. Heat, mold, and use within minutes. ... If so, you should enter our “Morph of the Month” contest for a chance to win some free ...
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Polly Plastics Heat Moldable Plastic Sheets - 3 Sheets, 8 x 12 x Moldable Plastic ... -If you choose size of the stencil starts from 16" to 23" you will get full design.